BeOne Design Organisation Minor Change EON 4722 FAK soft case

The DO328 Series Aircraft are equipped with a Hard Case FIRST AID KIT containing the medical equipment required by EASA OPS 1. 745; JAR OPS 1.745; FAR 121.309(d).

The amended EASA OPS 1 requires additional safety equipment added to the FIRST AID Kit.

Since this additional safety equipment adds approximately 10% of space required by the FIRST AID KIT, the hard case is out limited and a new case is required.

BeOne Hamburg GmbH choose a soft case First Kit providing this additional storage by only limited extension of FIRST AID KIT size.

The Soft Case First Aid Kit MEDIDA EH II PLUS is widely used by ground rescue teams, for this Modification the FAK soft case comes empty and only installation provision and material will be approved, the operator will be responsible for further compliance with regulations regarding content and operational requirements. 

The location of First Aid Kit depends on layout of the aircraft, it may be installed on rear cabin bulkhead or under aft seat, the aircraft LOPA will help to identify the installation position.

The installed Hard Top FAK is installed to its position by either sheet metal angles and straps (Pre MOD SB328-25-300 or a sheet metal bracket holds the FAK in place (POST MOD SB328-25-300)

The installation is documented in the LOPA and marked in view of the Flight Attendant outside the Galley.

The soft case FAK MEDIDA EH II PLUS fits to the pre-MOD fixture, while the post MOD installation need to be replaced to pre MOD status. For aircraft with Bracket installation new straps will be provided by this Minor change, the installation provision is supposed to be available at post MOD aircraft.


BeOne Hamburg provides parts and documentation.