Why hydrogen??
Green hydrogen is clean
Hydrogen is produced by electrolysis of water, whereby only electricity from renewable energies is used for electrolysis. The only waste product is heat.
Wide range of applications
Die Wärme kann genutzt, und Wasserstoff als direkte Energiequelle oder als Energiespeicher eingesetzt werden.
No emissions
When used in the fuel cell, no carbon dioxide is produced; the only waste product is water.

We rely on H2.

The energy needs of the ever faster growing world population are becoming a major challenge in the face of increasingly obvious climate change. In order to limit the progress of global warming, the Paris Climate Agreement defines the goal of limiting global warming to two degrees by the year 2100 compared to 1990. To achieve this, the industrialised countries must achieve CO2 neutrality by 2050. This reduction must begin immediately. This means that the energy supply must be switched to renewable energies from the sun, wind and water. Not only electricity generation, but also the transport, heating and industry sectors must achieve CO2 neutrality.

As an energy carrier, green hydrogen is a central building block on the path to climate neutrality and thus an excellent alternative to fossil fuels. The great potential of green hydrogen is to comprehensively couple the sectors of electricity generation, transport, heat and industry. This makes it possible to create a sustainable energy system. Years ago, BeOne built up considerable expertise in fuel cell development projects (APAWAGS and FUCAP). Today, we combine our competences in engineering and process digitalisation for the implementation of the necessary sector coupling. We are happy to advise and support you in implementing your environmental contribution for the future.
Hydrogen strategy - Source: BMVI
Why Beone?
Through our many years of experience as an aviation design organisation (EASA 21J) and design organisation, we know the requirements for reliable systems and components.
Local player
As an integral part of the North German H Y-5 location initiative, we have our finger on the pulse of what is happening and are in contact with all those involved. This applies to both authorities and project initiators.
Our engineers have the latest knowledge and techniques in the implementation of hydrogen projects.
We have first-class and excellent references that span all sectors.
Partner des DLR

BeOne offers unique expertise.


Prozesse und Verfahren der Wasserstofftechnologie nutzen
· Basic knowledge of hydrogen
· Hydrogen production
· Safe handling of hydrogen
· Liquid hydrogen
· Thermodynamics & flow mechanisms
· Electrical engineering and process engineering

· Designing containers and apparatus for hydrogen technology
· Forms of hydrogen storage
· Pipe statics and pipe hydraulics
· Vessels and apparatus engineering
· Hydrogen logistics

Usage of hydrogene
· Engergetic usage
· Economic use
· Industrial use

Modeling and simulation of hydrogen systems
· Introduction
· Description of dynamic systems
· Methods for modelling of dynamic systems
· Simulation
· Practical exmaples


Configure hydrogen plants
· System architecture
· BZ & ELY stack structure and technologies
· BZ & ELY system architecture and components
· Key parameters and operational management
· Degradation of hydrogen components
· Hydrogen for aircraft applications

Evaluate hydrogen systems economically and ecologically
· Determination and composition of the hydrogen price
· Calculation of the economic efficiency of projects
· Development of a hydrogen market
· Development of hydrogen trade (international)
· Influence on the decarbonisation of
energy supply, industry and transport

Securing hydrogen plants legally and economically
· Approval / Certification
· Legal and economic framework
· Analysis and optimisation of technical systems
· Technical rules and security
· German TÜV and authorities
· Rescue workers
· Facility management

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Hydrogen: Energy carrier with future.

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