Process modeling for dynamic machine utilization

Process modeling for dynamic machine utilization

The Task:

"You can get a Ford in any color - as long as it's black!" Ford's legendary slogan has not worked for a long time. Today, individual customer requests and changing batch sizes require agile processes in production.

BeOne's task was to simulate different process variants with the goal of optimizing machine utilization.

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With process know-how to the new process:

As a first step BeOne developed workshops and carried them out, in which the organizational framework conditions were clarified as a prerequisite for modeling the production processes. This was followed by the development, implementation and evaluation of interviews for recording the requirement, including the practical part in production. The knowledge gained finally flowed into the Definition of the scope and functionality of the simulation to be delivered.

In the second step BeOne worked out the structure of the simulation through Mapping of processes and their dependencies.

The Results:

  • Production processes can be simulated dynamically according to requirements.
  • The simulation model is used for machine planning and leads to optimal utilization.
Important for success

To ensure a smooth process and the best possible result, BeOne used the following knowledge and IT tools:

  • Process know-how
  • Agile project management (SCRUM)

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