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We analyze, optimize and digitalize your business processes with engineering know-how.

No industry, no organization remains untouched by digitization. The pressure in the company is increasing to adapt processes to the new requirements. BeOne relies on a successful interplay of processes, information technology and organization. One focus of our activities is the digitization of the manufacturing industry, also known as the Industry 4.0 known.

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  • Process optimization
  • Project Management
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Business Process Modeling
We steer the identification, redesign and optimization of your business processes.
Go Digital
We integrate the processes into new or existing IT landscapes.
Change Management
We support the implementation of new strategies, structures, systems, processes or behaviors.

Success is no coincidence.

Digital transformation and Industry 4.0 demand transparent and dynamic business processes, across the entire product lifecycle: from the configuration of individual products (small batch sizes, one-offs) to their production in globally networked, cyber-physical systems and the operation of new business models in service.

In doing so, we combine our many years of engineering experience with process expertise and production know-how. We create for your company

Each member of our team is a specialist in his or her field. Together we move your business forward.

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  • how we optimize your business processes,
  • how we provide you with operational support during the rollout phase,
  • how to digitize your document management,
  • how we model adaptive processes in Industrie 4.0 projects,
  • how you can discover your potential in our Industry 4.0 workshop or with the help of our demo factory,
  • how frontloading can be used to identify errors in production at an early stage and thus reduce planning risks, and how optimization in the sense of lean production can be planned in advance in the digital factory,
  • which difficulties we observed when using different IT systems,

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